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CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities) accreditation basically means that your doctor has passed a rigorous review of its services that are internationally recognized for excellence. For a facility to maintain accreditation, they must constantly meet the standards set by CARF to assure the best service and quality of their patients. Whether patients are seeking treatment for addiction and substance abuse, are in need of ideal retirement living, have any physical disability, or need Pain Management Rehabilitation, they can rest assured that their provider practices and adheres to the highest of standards and quality.

There are different types of rehab facilities, for example CARF Pain Management helps patients with severe work injuries that have not gotten better with any other kinds of therapy, medications, surgeries, or injections. It uses many of the treatments found in the work hardening program and more. If you come across a pain management facility, such as WOL+MED in Texas, you will find a CARF Certification on the wall of each facility which represents they are a CARF Facility. This not only means they have maintained standards in the past, each facility must maintain standards for an ongoing process, which in return shows the patient they are committed to improving their standards and services for the best interest of their patients.

Next time you find yourself, a friend, or a family member in need of Rehabilitation for any type of Substance abuse, Pain Management, Back and Neck Pain, Workers Injury, and etc, always looks for the CARF Accreditation. When your doctor is striving to maintain high standards in their facility, you can be assured they are looking out for your best interested. CARF facilities are committed to quality, value, and optimal outcomes of services and enhancing and bettering each patient that enters their facility.

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