Teen Beauty

As a teen, it may seem that your skin is just impossible to manage. Particularly when you rise in the morning, you may find that your skin is oilier and that you may already have a blemish beginning on your skin. On the up side, there are a few things that you can do to minimize the occurrence of blemishes and to keep your skin clearer.

Wash your face thoroughly two times a day. Use a very mild soap and warm water. Massage your face in a circular fashion as you wash it. One of the things that we all hear is that washing your face is important, but what many of us do not know is that washing too hard or actually scrubbing your face can irritate it and may actually cause a few extra blemishes to take place.

Never squeeze or pop blemishes or pimples. It is hard to resist sometimes but when you do it, you can actually put more infection deeper into your body. When you add more infection in there, you can actually cause scar tissue to form because of increased swelling.

If you use a cell phone, and what teenagers today do is, wipe out the oils frequently to keep safe it from collecting oils from your skin and putting them back onto your face. Use a tissue or a clean paper towel and just gently wipe down your cell phone, this method is good for your skin care to protect your skin from harmful chemical.

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Teen Natural Beauty Tips

For glasses, the same principle applies as for the telephone. For Natural Skin Care Keep the eye and nose pieces clear of oils and make sure that you wipe them down frequently since they are constantly touching your features.

If you do experience an outbreak before some type of special event, keep these Skin Care tips in mind and you will minimize the duration of the outbreak. If it is imperative to look your best, you will want to use some caution in treating yourself and instead visit a dermatologist in order to have your blemish problem treated effectively, or use a product that you trust to help to clear up the acne problem.

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